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    Experience Luxury rentals in Miami, NYC, Vegas and Los Angeles

    Luxury car rental & Exotic car rental Guide

  • Best places to rent Exotic Cars

    Experience a new city in the driver's seat of your dream car. Exotic car rentals are a fun and exciting way to get around. You can hire an exotic car from the best exotic car rental agencies at Diamond Exotic Rentals. The best exotic car rental service in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Lamborghini rental is one of the most popular exotic car rental options to take. You can rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Mclaren, Maserati, and Buggati. Supercar rental is a great way to explore a new city and create an unforgettable experience. Exotic rentals are the best way to get your adrenaline rush. Get your favorite premium car rentals delivered to your doorstep. You can rent a sports car for a day, weekend, weekly, or on a monthly basis. High-end car rentals will make your travel experience that much more enjoyable. You can choose between luxury sedan rental, exotic car rental, SUV rental, and convertible car rental. Here is a list of the best cities to rent exotic cars. View the best luxury car rental locations below.

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    Miami Exotic Car Rental

    When you want Exotic Car Rental Miami there are many options to explore.

    Miami luxury car rentals are very popular for visitors. Get behind the wheel of your dream car in Miami this weekend. The most popular exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals are Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. Miami is a beautiful place where the weather is always beautiful so most customers opt to rent exotic convertibles cars like a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder or a Rolls Royce Dawn. Cruise South Beach with the top down in an exotic sports car. Here is an article on the top exotic cars to rent in Miami. Explore Miami in the comfort of a luxury rental car. Miami supercar rental is available any day you need it. For cheap luxury car rental Miami we advise that you rent for more than one day. Get inside the best luxury car rental Miami Florida has to offer.

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    Los Angeles Exotic Car Rental

    Rent an exotic car in Los Angeles. Beverly Hills exotic car rental is a fun way to explore Rodeo drive. Los Angeles is a popular place to visit with beautiful weather and fun places to go. If you're visiting Beverly Hills and want to rent a sexy convertible like a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster or a Rolls Royce. Get your favorite luxury car rental delivered to your home hotel or business in Los Angeles. You can even get your dream car delivered to Los Angeles International Airport. Get access to the top luxury car rental companies in LA. Customer service is the main priority, which is why we only provide the best rental cars that are well maintained and ready to be delivered to your doorstep in Beverly Hills. Exotic car rental LAX Airport is the best way to have your car ready for you when you arrive.

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    Vegas Exotic Car Rental

    Rent an exotic car in Las Vegas. The Vegas strip is a fun place to explore your favorite supercar rental cars. Regardless if its a Lamborghini rental or a Rolls Royce rental any car you choose to rent in Vegas will provide you with an unforgettable experience. The most popular Vegas luxury car choices are Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, BMW, Bentley, Audi, and McLaren. Vegas supercar rental services are the best way to experience your dream car without having to buy one. Get free delivery to McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas strip.

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    New York Exotic Car Rental

    Rent an exotic car in NYC. The Best luxury car rentals in NYC are available with just one phone call. Experience New York Luxury Car Rental this weekend with the best concierge service in the big apple. Your car rental experience will never be the same. The latest exotic cars delivered to your home or business in New York City, Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk, Southampton Beach, and New Jersey. We also provide luxury chauffeur services if you prefer to hire a Rolls Royce with a driver. You can also have any luxury or exotic car rental delivered to John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport or your hotel upon request.

  • Lamborghini Rental

    Rent your favorite Lamborghini in Miami, Los Angeles, Vegas and LA. Lamborghini rentals are the most requested exotic car rentals in the world. They have the most aggressive styling and provide an experience that is hard to beat. If you don't like attention then we suggest you stay away from Lambo rentals because you will get lots of attention. If you choose a Lamborghini truck rental or a supercar you will have an amazing time behind the wheel of any one of these Italian marvels of engineering. You can rent a Lamborghini for a day, weekend, weekly or on a monthly basis. Most people that rent a Lambo for a day reserve the Lamborghini URUS because it is the most versatile Lambo rental available. It has enough room to fit all of your luggage and is the only Lamborghini that can seat more than two people. Lamborghini Huracan rental is another option that many customers choose to rent.


    Lamborghini rental price depends on the model you choose to rent. The most expensive Lamborghini is the Aventador Roadster. It cost anywhere between $2,500-$3,000 per day. You won't find a more exotic looking supercar on the street. If your looking for a cheap Lamborghini rental then the Huracan Coupe is the cheapest Lambo you can rent. Regar

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    Lamborghini Aventador

    Lamborghini Aventador rental service

    Rent the coolest exotic car rental on the block. The Lamborghini Aventador rental service is one of the most requested. You can rent a Lamborghini Aventador for a day, weekend, or for an entire week. This supercar is surely going to impress everyone who sees it.

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    Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

    Lamborghini Aventador Roadster rental service

    The Aventador Roadster is the convertible version of the regular Aventador rental. You need to manually remove the tops similar to a t top. This Lambo rental is the top of the line when it comes to exotic rental cars.

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    Lamborghini Huracan

    Lamborghini Huracan rental service

    Rent the baby Lambo and it will be so much fun.

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    Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

    Lamborghini Huracan Spyder rental service

    If you prefer to rent a convertible sports car then you should rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

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    Lamborghini URUS

    Lamborghini URUS rental service

    Rent a Lambo truck in Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles. The all-new Lambo truck is one of the most saught after luxury SUV rentals in the world.

  • Sports Car Rental

    Experience the joy of a sports car rental this weekend. If you're looking for a sports car rental then you can find several options when visiting Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philly, Boston, San Deigo, and San Francisco. In each of these cities, you can rent a sports car for a day, weekend, weekly or monthly. A sports car is not as lucrative as a supercar hire but does provide you with a fun car rental that is a more affordable option. Cheap sports car rentals are easy to find from places like Luxury Car Rental USA or Diamond Exotic Rentals. Rent a sports car for the weekend like a Porsche 911 in Miami or a Corvette convertible in Las Vegas. Exotic sports car rentals like the Porsche Boxster or the Mercedes AMG GT are also great options. Luxury Sports Car Rentals like the Bentley GTC combine performance with luxury to give you a more elegant car rental experience.

  • Super Car Rental

    Supercar rental services are just a call away, Drive your dream supercar this weekend. The Ferrari 488 Spyder is a prime example of a supercar rental. There are also other fancy car rental options like an Aventador Roadster or a McLaren 650s. It's important to understand that nor all supercars are built the same. Some are much more difficult to drive and can require a learning curve before you get the hang of driving it. Super car rentals are extremely fun to drive and will provide you with a great car rental experience. Not all rental cars are built the same so if you want to have a once in a lifetime expreince you can rent a supercar for a day.

  • Premium Car Rental

    Premium car rental services are available in most cities. We couldn't think of a better way to spend your weekend than driving an exotic car rental like a Lamborghini or driving your favorite Rolls Royce convertible. Premium car rental services provide access to hundreds of the best rental cars in the world. If you're on vacation why drive anything other than the best. Rolls Royce is an example of a premium car rental that is frequently requested. Or what about the Rolls Royce truck rental. The Rolls Royce Cullinan is the newest premium car rental offered. You can find a luxury car rental guide if you need more information.

  • High End Car Rentals

    Some examples of high-end car rentals are a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster or a Rolls Royce Dawn. High-end car rental brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and McLaren are very highly requested. You can rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini but usually, High-end car rentals are the flagship models in the manufactures lineup. A high-end luxury vehicle provides passengers with an increased level of comfort.

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